How to Polish Concrete Floors

Many homeowners and businessmen are choosing polished concrete for their floor finish because of the competitive advantage over other types of floor coverings. In fact, decorative concrete in the form of polished floors has become the logical choice because it is cost-effective and can compete aesthetically as well. If you are wondering how you can restore the sheen of your concrete floors, then keep on reading until the end to know how you can polish your concrete floors.

  • Prepare the Area for Polishing – Before you proceed on polishing your concrete floors, you must prepare first the area by mopping and sweeping the area to remove all dirt and dust. Aside from it, you should also remove any sealers or coatings that have previously been applied to the floors, repair any cracks and blemishes on the floors.
  • Polish the Concrete Floors Using a Coarse Grit Abrasive Disc – Once you have cleaned and fixed your concrete floors, you can now start the polishing process. In this step, you must use a concrete grinder and various types of diamond abrasive discs. All of this equipment can be hired from a machinery rental firm. You can start the process by using a coarse grit abrasive disc. Using this can help in removing any surface stains or rough areas on the floor. Keep in mind that when polishing the floors, it is important to make sure you are using proper technique. Make sure to move the concrete grinder in circular motion and start in one section of the room and move slowly and methodically to the other areas. Make sure to cover the floor and not miss a spot.
  • Polish the Concrete Floors Using a Fine Grit Abrasive Disc – After polishing with a coarse grit abrasive disc, polish your concrete floor using a fine grit abrasive disc. Why? Because it will give your floor a glossy and sleek look.
  • Polish the Floors with an Extra-Fine Grit Abrasive Disc – After using a fine grit abrasive disc, use an extra-fine-grit abrasive disc on the entire surface. This step is necessary to make sure that any and all blemishes are removed from the surface so you can achieve a smooth and sleek concrete floor.
  • Apply a Coat of Concrete Floor Polish – Once the floors have been completely polished, add a floor polish to create a protective layer to your floor to ensure it is protected against further damage.

Don’t let your concrete floor looking dull and dirty. Instead, follow this guide to restore the beauty and sheen of your concrete floor. If you are having a hard time polishing your concrete floor, ask for a professional concrete restoration service for help. This is because professional concrete restoration services have a complete set of tools and knowledge about polishing concrete floors. If you are looking for one, just feel free to contact us any day and any time of your choice. Give us a ring to get a free quote and estimate over the phone.